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FAQ About Personal Injury Cases

What should I do if I am involved in a car accident?


If you are in an accident, you should do the following:


  • Notify the police, and if necessary, an ambulance immediately.
  • Do not make statements to anyone, except a police officer.
  • Do not admit liability.
  • Obtain all insurance information, names, addresses, phone numbers and license plate numbers of those involved in the accident.
  • Obtain the names and phone numbers of all witnesses.
  • If you have a camera, take pictures of all cars and people.


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Who pays if I incur an injury due to an auto accident or my car is damaged?


If you are to blame for an accident, your liability insurance will pay the other driver for property damage and personal injuries up to your policy's limits. If you are not at fault, the other driver's liability insurance pays for your car damage and personal injuries. However, your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses are paid by your own insurance carrier under New York's No Fault Law. Recent changes in the law make it very important that you file your no-fault claim within a short time period of time following the accident. Failure to file in a timely manner may result in the denial of your claim.


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What other expenses are covered by my own no-fault insurance?


For a period of up to one year after the accident, no-fault will reimburse you for household help, mileage to and from accident-related medical appointments and in some cases, other accident-related expenses are also reimbursable.


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What can I do if my own no-fault insurance company refuses to pay my lost wages, medical or other necessary expenses?


You and any other person(s) injured in your vehicle have the right to mediation or arbitration. In addition, a lawyer can often negotiate a resolution of these matters without the necessity of proceeding with mediation or arbitration.


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